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Our Fiber Herd

Below you will find links to see our fiber herd animals-alpacas, llama and goats!

Please enjoy browsing and getting to know our animals. Some are listed as available, others are not. If you see an animal you are interested in it never hurts to reach out for more information. I am always happy to discuss possibilities with you!

A few things to note when considering a purchase:

Pricing is based on many factors. Quality of fiber and the animal themselves. However, it can also mean that that is what it will take for me to consider letting that specific animal go. Again, if you are interested in a specific animal it never hurts to reach out to me.

Please note that store coupons do not work toward animal purchases. 

When it says "pet" it does not mean living in your house. It means having more than one alpaca, living outside, but just for your enjoyment with no interest in fiber processing or showing. The animal still needs to be sheared but we can discuss what your options are. 

There is the potential for package discounts when purchasing multiple animals. 

I am more than happy to answer questions. I love sharing knowledge regarding alpacas!


The male alpacas in our herd can be found here


The female alpacas in our herd can be found here.


The cria's in our herd can be found here.


The Angora goats can be found here.


The llamas can be found here.