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Join me in our backyard-I've been hard at work!

-In the winter, I’m a hermit…..

My entire yard goes to pot! A couple of things cross my mind each Spring….

If I would just keep up on this, at least monthly it wouldn’t be so bad….but…..I…..HATE……the……COLD!

Second, I always think, hey I should take before and after pictures, but then I don’t because, in reality, I don’t want all of you to see just how bad it gets lol!


(The birds love our birdbath!) 

I’m a castles and dragons kind of girl so when we bought the house I thought it was the coolest thing that it has what I refer to as “the moat”. It’s really just a drainage system to divert the water when it rains and the water comes flowing down the hill to the house lol. Having a few 100 pound dogs that like to run along it and jump it does it no good. They knock the rocks down into it and tear up the plastic that lines underneath those rocks. Last year I did a trial run on a section by running a line of 3’ tall chicken wire along it and planting hollyhocks. It stopped that area from being a high traffic area for the doggies and created a nice flower wall. So this year, after I finally got all the rocks moved back into place, I finished “fencing” the back yard moat with wire and getting plants put in.


(Left-some of the old and newly planted hollyhocks-all fighting for survival of the grasshopper invasions! and on the right a variety of Dahlia tubers just went in)

I have a section that is all different varieties of hollyhocks (which were my brothers favorite flower-so they always make me think of him 😊) and the other section here in the back yard I’m going to try Dahlia’s. This is New Mexico and we don’t see a lot of rain so the moat only receives water a few times a year and then most of it just runs right out into the pasture-so not a high chance of sitting water to rot tubers and roots. I’m crossing my fingers these actually grow-I have a 50/50 history with being successful when it comes to Dahlias lol.

 Planning the yard takes time-as I have to be careful that no plants poisonous to alpacas are near the fence line where they can reach over and nibble.

(Sunflowers on the left and the wisteria on the right)
I got more hollyhocks in the ground, started a large run of dahlias (which I am sooo excited about!) The sunflowers did well reseeding themselves from last year. The wisteria is trailing up the new gazebo and the Maximilian's are coming back nicely and the lilacs that originally came from my granddad and grandmas yard, then to my childhood yard and have moved a couple of times with us are finally looking fantastic!

I’m calling this the year of the trees for us. The only complaint about our place when we bought it was that there was literally one tree on the property-and it was only a couple of years old. We got 4 cottonless cottonwoods and a couple of different varieties of willows planted around the property. I still have a few desert willows and some crape myrtles to get in the ground this week but that won’t be hard.


After lots of time cleaning beds and starting new ones I thought I was set for the summer. We are now struggling with a grasshopper infestation! The little buggers are devouring the newly planted trees and a majority of the other plants. When walking through the pasture ( or even the grass in the back yard) the ground moves there are so many of them. Yes we have chickens-but 20 chickens can only do so much with thousands of grasshoppers. I absolutely hate the idea of using chemicals on my yard but I had to break down and do a good coating on the plants to save them. I have an order in for some nolo bait which I hear is good so we will see.


(Left is a Fire Bush and Right is Cat Mint-both devoured by Grasshoppers!)

All in all I am extremely happy with the progress I’ve made in the last couple of weeks. I still have some containers that I need to get some flowers in-I really like geraniums and moss rose for those. Our local nursery just hasn’t had those in the last couple of weekends I got a chance to go but eventually I will get some. Now is the fun part-waiting for things to grow and bloom!


(Left-one of the "Bridges" to the other side of the mote and on the right is a flower bed in the "Fairy" Garden)

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