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Abby our Llama!

When we decided on alpacas, we weren't real sure on whether we wanted to add llamas to the herd or not. You hear so many negative things about them-they spit more, they're mean-in fact John has had experience with a nasty one when he was younger. We had pretty much decided they probably weren't for our farm.

Then I attended a CameliDYNAMICS workshop in Colorado where we were very fortunate to have hands on experience with not just alpacas but llamas as well. A gentleman had brought his amazing pack llamas. We all got a chance to work with them on obstacle courses and that's when I instantly changed my mind. Llamas weren't so bad after all-in fact they're exceptionally smart! Called home, told John about these amazing creatures and made the decision then and there to start looking for one that would fit into our herd. 


Fast forward to the beginning of this year and a friend was letting go of her camelids (llamas and an alpaca). The day I chose to go meet Abby wasn't really the nicest, typical NM nasty winter wind! However, that didn't bother her. The minute I walked from the gate to the pen she was instantly curious and cheerfully greeted me! That's when Abby and her little friend Alice the alpaca came to live on our farm.

Abby has the coolest personality and I will soon be working with her on halter training. She loves visitors and will in fact come running across the pasture if someone comes up to the gate. She loves to get right up in your face and give you raspberry kisses and wags her tail! Then she really appreciates a good chin and neck rub! She also, ADORES John and usually gives him more raspberries than me when he's around.



After her 2020 Shearing!


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