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2020 Cria

Alpacas gestation is normally around 345 days give or take. Normally birthing between 10am-2pm on nice weather days. Not so much the case this year in true 2020 fashion…..

8/25-Thisbe went into an early labor. We eventually ended up at the vets after seeing that she wasn’t going to progress naturally. I love our vet, Dr. Dixon, he is so knowledgeable in camelids and always takes the time to answer my questions. He pulled a beautiful, 11 lb, white, stillborn male. We brought both mom and cria home so that she could have time to come to terms with the loss and grieve. She has recovered well.

9/5-Minnie Pearl gave us a beautiful, 14.7lb rose grey female at noon that day. She had a quick, normal labor and delivery at 334 days. Her sire is Copper. Cria was named Rose of Cimarron, aka Rose or Rosie. She is now a solid, active little chunk.


9/9-WOW what a day that was! The weather was wet and cold-right around freezing all day after having temps in the 70’s just days before. I noticed during morning chores that Agnetha was in labor. I gathered the essentials, including towels and the blow dryer and blankets from the house to create a draft free enclosed stall.

10am with a quick labor and delivery, Agnetha gifted us with a beautiful, 15.7lb male at 338 days. His sire is Virgo. Cria was named Butch Cassidy, aka Butch. It was a rush to get little Butch dried and warm enough so that he could start bonding with mom and get to nursing.


While attending to Agnetha and our newest little one, Moonbeam begins to go into labor. All the while it is cold and drizzly outside the barn. At this point I message Mr. Fitz to let him know another is on the way.

12pm-Moonbeam gifted us with another male. 17.4lbs at 330 days. Cria was named Sundance Kid, aka Sundance. His sire is Laredo. Just after his birth and while I was working on getting him dried off my sister showed up to assist. And shortly after, Mr. Fitz showed up and helped set us up in the barn with heaters and heat lamps.


During all the chaos of the morning, I had been watching Fulani, who had been showing signs of labor as well.

The 3 of us spent most of our time in the barn for the next few hours observing the 2 new boys and keeping an eye on Fulani. Butch and Sundance were doing great, Moonbeams milk hadn’t yet come in but Agnetha took to nursing both boys right away. (By the next day Moonbeam was nursing Sundance just fine.)

4:45pm-Fulani gifted us with a beautiful 15.2 lb, little girl at 330 days. Her name is Miss Hope and her sire is Virgo. Her labor and delivery was not so easy. I will share her story at a later time. I will say that Dr. Dixon’s assistance with all of my questions earlier in the season, aligned with a couple of online courses I took earlier in the spring I attribute to the survival of Fulani and Hope.


9/19-I had had my eye on Phoebe for that last few days. I could tell her cria was a big one and Phoebe was getting uncomfortable. The day before I just knew that today was going to be the day. However, little did I expect to look out my window as it began to get light this morning and find what I found. At first glance it looked as if one of the other cria was cushing (laying) next to Phoebe, as they had taken to her and could often be found hanging out with her. I headed down to check on her and see if today would in fact be the day. Low and behold, the cria next to her was not one that was already accounted for. It was Phoebe’s little one who was still wet and had not yet attempted to stand! She was a BIG girl! I immediately moved her and mom into the barn and worked on getting her dried off while mom worked on passing the placenta. Her name is Myra Maybelle Starr, aka Belle and her sire is Copper. Belle made her appearance at 334 days, weighing 19.7lbs! 


10/3-Tia ended up being the only female who was pregnant from a break out we had the previous October, where the boys decided they wanted to do a bit of close up visiting of the girls. At 9:45am Tia gifted us with a bright white, little girl at 339 days, weighing in at only 12.6lbs! Her name is Pearl Hart, aka Pearl. We believe we know who Pearl’s sire is but will confirm that when we get all of the crias registered this year.


All Cria's are doing well and running and playing as healthy little ones do!


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