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Our new fiber addition to the farm!

Recently we decided we needed to work on our pasture management…..the alpacas don’t eat everything and I don’t like the idea of hiring someone to mow down the remainder of it.


I’ve been eyeing angora goats for a while for their fiber. Angora goats have an ultra fine, lustrous fiber called mohair (not to be confused with Angora Fiber, which is from rabbits). Their fleece grows about an inch per month and they are shorn twice each year.


It just makes sense to add such a useful dual-purpose animal to the farm! Let me introduce to you our new boys, Snap and Crackle. They are Navajo Angora Goats-they have clean (not having the longer hair) on bellies, legs and faces. They are about 2 ½ months old and as sweet as can be!

In a couple of weeks we will be picking up Pop! He’s an Angora Goat (Not Navajo Angora) who’s about a month and a half. Isn’t he adorable!

They have their own pen and stall in the barn for now (and during winters) but when older will rotate through the 4 pastures.

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