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March 2021

Snap and Crackle are 1 year old this week! Those silly goats are so stinkin' sweet! They love head and chest rubs and are always game for some animal crackers!
Farm Happenings

Plan, plan, plan.

That's what I am doing now. Planning and creating new products that will be available this Spring!


Crafting Get Togethers

With the nicer weather I plan to start having crafting days here at the farm. Where individuals are welcome to bring their portable projects and sit, craft and visit with others here in the backyard, enjoying the view of all our critters. I'm going to create a group within the farms Facebook page specifically for this.


Our February Giveaway was a hit!

I ran the Giveaway on Facebook for the last week of February to say thank you to all our farm followers-we're over 300 Facebook likes! Rodney was our lucky winner this round, however, I'll be doing another in the near future so you could be next!

@ The Cottage

I've been in a funk lately when it comes to knitting, however, I will be finishing the special order bobble pillow. I just have a few more rows to knit on the last back piece, then will bind off and piece together. I am also going to be completing the flicking & washing of Virgo's fleece this month. I got to make some felted soaps w/leftover alpaca fiber. I also learned how to make Homemade soap in the crockpot from a friend. Turned out super cool! Love using my own soap!


On one of our local Facebook pages I was lucky to find a beautiful, vintage, Herald floor loom! For FREE! The lovely lady I received it from was looking for a good home for it after she hadn't found the time to learn to use it. Hubby and I picked it up in the back of the truck, brought it home and cleaned her up. When I cut off the old warp, it practically disintegrated as I removed it, it had been on there so long. I washed the loom down twice with Murphy Oil Soap, then oiled it up with wood oil, as well as oiling all the moving parts. While cleaning it is when I found the Herald emblem. Turns out there's not much information on these looms. What I could find says that they were made for use in rehabilitation centers and built any where from the early 60's to early 70's. It looks like all parts are there and in working order. I plan to put my first JST weaving lesson on there this month if all works out well, but first have to get a raddle-hubby is going to make me one!

 I am also anticipating hearing back from our mills this month in regards to getting yarn and roving back soon. 🤞


Project Corner

My first project featured in the Project Corner....

I've sat this project to the side for the month. As stated above, I've been in a bit of a knitting funk and have had to focus on other things, mainly getting taxes out of the way 


With those done, I will make it a goal to get the crop top done. I've already started rolling around plans for our next project corner follow along-I'm so excited!

Weaving Adventure
Pulled out the first kit for my JST (Jane Stafford Textiles) Season 2's lessons!!! Quickly realized I needed a quick refresher course since I haven't even sat at the loom in a few months. So I've been re-watching videos and will be getting the warp ready soon!
@ The Barn

Crias are being weaned. With that comes the listing of some of the alpacas. I now have a package of 4 adult females available with the possibility of one of the crias, Belle, to be included in that package.


Alpaca 101

I always get asked lots of questions regarding these exotic creatures. I'm going to start sharing some facts here every month.


Alpacas are Camelids. In this family species you have camels, llamas, guanacos, alpacas and vicunas. 

There are no wild alpacas. Yes you see pictures of them in the Andes Mountains however, even those are domesticated and are brought in to be sheared.

@ The Goat Hut
Guinevere and Ophelia joined our angora goat herd! They are still a bit standoffish, I'm hoping they'll warm up to me just a little more with time.
I also found some large wooden spools, but with our nasty weather this past weekend haven't gotten them unloaded. That's this coming weekends project-to expand the goat pen and get them a climbing area put together.

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