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April 2021

Pop, the angora goat, is 1 year old 4/17! I just love his personality. He begs like a dog to be pet and have his head rubbed!
Farm Happenings

Still working on finding the time to get more products made for the store. I'm also waiting for a less than windy day to get the goats and the little Shetland whether sheared, which I will be doing myself. We're also prepping for our big annual alpaca and llama shearing day on May 1. Lots to get ready for. I'm also excited because we purchased a used semi trailer to store a years worth of hay in at a time. That should be arriving in the next week or so.


Crafting Get Togethers

I did get the Facebook Group set for this. Now we just wait for our NM Spring winds to die down a bit so we can enjoy some outside time.

@ The Cottage

Pillow is DONE! I just finished getting the buttons and label on. I will get it in the mail this week.


I'm also working on prepping bags for shearing day. Each alpaca/llama needs multiple bags. One for the blanket (the prime fiber), one for the 2nds (neck and chest) and one for the 3rds (legs). This year I'm also getting halters for each animal with a name tag on it so that the people handling them know who they are working with. Shearing day is the day that I bring in 5-10 volunteers, plus Tom, the shearer, and his crew of one or 2 people. Plus we have a couple of other farms bringing their animals in for shearing as well. So anything I can do ahead of time to have less chaos on the day of, is a plus!


I've heard from both mills. The yarn is done and should be arriving soon. The other mill is currently working on my roving. When all arrives I will be listing some in the store-yay!



Project Corner

My first project featured in the Project Corner....

Still haven't pulled the crop top out. I seem to not have as much time in the day as I expect here lately!


I did take the practice warp off the big loom in the cottage. I had just a strip of practice "fabric". A lot of it was made with some of the first yarns I spun when I first started learning to spin. So I turned it into a very hippie bag! Love it! Now to get a warp set for the big loom!



Weaving Adventure
JST Season 2 Lesson 1 completed! I put the warp on my "new" Herald floor loom so I could see what worked on her and what needed tweaking. I did end up losing some of my yardage, I couldn't quite get even tension across the warp so ended up cutting some off. The brake for the back beam doesn't work but that was an easy MacGyver fix. I did decide she needed some more oil in certain places. As far as the pattern, it was a lot of fun and I ran out of warp sooner than I'd wanted so I jumped right into the next lesson. I did get a couple of sets of dish towels and a placemat. I will be sending one set to my sister-these are some of her favorite colors. From the 2nd lesson I started, I did make the warp a bit longer (had to make it using my warping pegs attached to my picnic tables set end to end) and have decided the first thing to be made will be a table runner.
@ The Barn

I have decided to list a few of the alpacas. If you're interested in alpaca ownership you can find more details here.


Alpaca 101

I always get asked lots of questions regarding these exotic creatures. 


Alpacas MUST be sheared annually. They do not shed their fiber, it will just keep growing and can overheat the animal. Our annual shearing day is coming up here on May 1st. I will share photos of how different they look next month!


@ The Goat Hut & Sheep Shack

Yep you read that right! Sheep Shack! We are adding a few fiber sheep to our herd. We have Ernie the little Shetland whether and 2 bottle baby rambouillet/finn crosses-Ivory and Izzie. These girls are so sweet and adorable! We're also hoping for a couple more in the next month.

We've also added 2 more Navajo Angora ladies-Apple and  Paisley, as well as, Tux, the Nigora buck to the herd. I plan to breed him to the girls (Angora's) this fall for Spring 2022 babies. We also are expecting 2 more little ladies sometime next month!

All these additions will most likely round out our fiber additions for the year.


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